Viable Reasons Why the Pricing of CBD Products Is High

Price fluctuations are normal in every kind of sector, and CBD is not an exception. Nevertheless, the CBD market price causes confusion among consumers and investors alike. Cannabidiol products are a little pricier than expected. There are viable reasons for this momentary price inflation. 

  • Things hard to get are always available at a high cost.
  • The basic economic law of supply and demand even applies to the CBD sector.
  • Prohibition of CBD has caused the popping up of marijuana black market, which has exploited customers and forced the prices to rise unusually. 
  • The online CBD market still suffers from the repercussion of decades of the ban.
  • The costs are unavoidably high because cannabidiol is still connected with cannabis and that in turn is linked with crime.
  • CBD manufacturers charge more because they are well aware, they can escape. After all, there is no regulation in the production of CBD products.
  • Conmen selling CBD has tarnished the reputation of hemp plant offering beneficial properties with unrealistic promises, thus throwing shade on the whole natural healing alternative. 
  • CBDs regulatory status is still hanging in the air, which causes volatility and uncertainty within the sector.
  • Due to regulatory hurdles finance providers, banks, credit card processors, and investors lack interest, but to convince them that the cannabis trend will stay can take some time. So, the pricing issue may continue for some time.
  • Fortunately, with medical marijuana gaining its recognition at the state level indicates the triumph of half the battle. Soon the supply and pricing are expected to normalize. CBD users will take a deep breath of relief very soon.

What is the cost of pure CBD?

Generally, the CBD cost will depend on its purity. Certain production processes and extraction methods help in offering purer CBD oil form. For example, when you choose CBD vape cartridge on the price will depend on its –

  • Potency
  • Extraction method
  • Hemp source
  • Third-party testing

Besides quality, the CBD brand you choose will also impact the vape cartridge or other product prices. Even where you choose to buy can impact the cost. When you purchase it directly from justcbdstore the price can be low that other retail locations. You may gain access to other perks like free shipping.

Cost of CBD oil-based on its types

CBD isolates comprise 99% CBD, so they are costly than tinctures. CBD capsules are available in different strengths and potency. CBD topical prices are on the low end. 

Production specifics of CBD oil that costs more as it is processed from healthy plants. 

  • Organic
  • CO2 extracted
  • Non-GMO
  • Batch-tested
  • Fairtrade certified
  • cGMP certified

Rather than prioritizing CBD price, it is crucial to ascertain its overall value. Keep the following point in mind to get good deals on CBD products without any space for compromise. 

  • Search for high-value products. Compare which brand offers high concentration at a low price without any compromise on quality. 
  • Choose reliable producers that offer lab testing certificates as they confidently followed the ethical manufacturing process.
  • Read reviews to learn the right CBD product as well as its effects. offers the best CBD products for consumers to enjoy their way towards health and happiness!