Madden NFL 21 - The Team Diamonds Event Has Started

Madden NFL 21 – The Team Diamonds Event Has Started

Madden NFL 21 Team Diamonds is a program that brings many 98 OVR player item cards that are acquired from completing sets.

Madden NFL 21 Team Diamonds event is available in Ultimate Team mode. This event gives players the chance to add many 98 OVR items to their collections. The program introduces these items as rewards for completing sets. Each player item from the program has a set. You will need 17 items to complete a set. A set requires three types of cards. You will need six cards that have 90-94 OVR from the player’s team. The second requirement includes 10 cards of 85-99 OVR. The last item that you will need is a specific teammate of the player that is obtained as a reward.

Let’s check out some of the player items that are obtained as rewards. All these cards have 98 OVR. Charles Haley’s item fulfills a left outside linebacker position that has 89 speed, 95 acceleration, 86 agility, 95 strength, 92 jumping, 94 awareness, and 94 play recognition. Kyle Long represents the Chicago Bears. This right guard comes with 75 speed, 87 acceleration, 74 agility, 95 strength, and 96 awareness. Willie Anderson is a right tackle that has 69 speed, 82 acceleration, 66 agility, 97 strength, and 97 awareness. Darryl Talley’s attributes are 87 speed, 94 acceleration, 87 agility, 93 strength, 88 jumping, 96 awareness, and 96 play recognition.

Don’t forget about these new Ultimate Legends. We have three 98 OVR amazing cards joining this selection. Brett Favre is a quarterback with 81 speed, 84 acceleration, 80 agility, 78 strength, and 71 jumping. Carl Banks comes with 91 speed, 95 acceleration, 89 agility, 92 strength, 91 jumping, 94 awareness, and 94 play recognition. Jahri Evans has 74 speed, 85 acceleration, 74 agility, 94 strength, and 97 awareness. The Limited Edition collection receives two new items. Golden Tate III is a wide receiver with 97 OVR and 95 speed, 96 acceleration, 97 agility, 66 strength, 94 jumping, and 97 awareness. DJ Reader has 70 speed, 82 acceleration, 64 agility, 95 strength, 77 jumping, 95 awareness, and 95 play recognition. We also have a new 99 OVR card. Drew Brees has an item with 76 speed, 82 acceleration, 75 agility, 60 strength, and 82 jumping. This item works in a quarterback position. It is part of the M21 Tribute collection.

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