What is Maximo And Why Your Business Needs it?

What is Maximo And Why Your Business Needs it?

Industries across the world are changing rapidly. We live in a new era of doing business and it is no longer enough to just be good at what you do. Now, businesses employ people who can uplift their skills to new levels and create even more astonishing work.

Technology is a big part of this change. The speed of the internet, the rise of digital transformation of basically everything we know of today – it all makes a difference. Businesses that have been around for decades, before the internet ever existed are now going digital with their work.

Their assets are no longer managed the traditional way. Everything’s digitalized and so is the management. Instead of having separate software for each company, companies are more working with universal solutions to help them with their management. One of these is Maximo.

What is Maximo?

To best answer what is Maximo, you should know that it is part of the great IBM Company. It is software that helps other companies create a better understanding of what’s happening inside the company. It is an enterprise asset management software as it is widely known.

Lots of big companies are using it to know at all times what is happening with their assets, how well their systems work, how their employees manage the situation, and what can be improved. It is both a management and monitoring tool.

What is enterprise asset management?

EAM or enterprise asset management is the managing of the actual physical assets in a firm. The EAM will do everything around these assets – plan, order, execute, optimize, track, and everything else that is needed around them.

The software working on it is specialized in performing these tasks. Specialized people working on the job are going to solve all eventual problems and make sure there are as few as possible. The software will help them with this. Using a great one like Maximo is the best way to their job properly and as professionally as possible.

Which industries are best to use Maximo?

This software is made for particular industries to excel in. Some of them are healthcare systems, manufacturing, nuclear, oil, gas, and other types of plants, transport, service provider companies, and many others. Check out the importance of assets in some of them here.

As you can notice, all of these are working with some kinds of assets. Some of them are also very big and employ thousands of people. More importantly, they serve millions too. They all rely on perfection within these businesses. Nothing is allowed to go wrong and you must be perfectly sure that the organization is flawless.

Having these industries on the list doesn’t mean that other firms working in different fields won’t have use of Maximo. They most certainly will, but the software is designed to help these types of businesses. It was obvious that their volume of work is huge and they have almost no help from the digital world.

If you’re planning to get this kind of software for your firm, it will be best if you go through the software demo, and check out what it has to offer. There are more versions of this software, so you might find a use of them. If you think this is not for you, then look for something else.

What are its functions?

The core software includes several functions that provide perfect management. Those are an asset, work, service, contract, inventory, and procurement management. Your business most probably has more people working in these positions and they all need to communicate with each other.

With these functions, their work becomes easier and communication between levels will also become more frequent, easy, and productive.

  • Asset management is having control over the asset over its lifecycle by all means.
  • The work one is gaining control over what is happening in the line of work and planning what needs to be done.
  • Service means defining offers, agreements, and monitoring procedures
  • The contract is for the legal issues of course. All of the assets need to be legally protected.
  • Inventory is for keeping track of everything your company has within the office or the factory, and,
  • Procurement is the purchasing part which of course is vital for all organizations if they want to have progress.

What is Maximo And Why Your Business Needs it?


All companies around the world work to make the best of the organization. Having happy employees mean having hard-working and dedicated employees. To make them this way, you must keep track of technology and provide anything they need. Click here to learn more about asset management software:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enterprise_asset_management.

Do the research and find out why Maximo is one of the best options when you’re looking for software to make sense of everything that you’re working with. Give these people a helping hand and use the free time for relaxation. More free time means better work, and this eventually means more profits.