Jordan at café – a glory hole swallow scene

Jordan at café – a glory hole swallow scene

Jordan rolled her eyes. “Do we do this again?”

I said: “This time it is for the game.” “I missed it last year.”

“What are we going to do this time? Last time we just sat around drinking coffee.”

I pouted “I think it’s funny.”

“You don’t have to read it…” Jordan laughed at my sour expression. “I mean, look, what are we, there are 65 words in it? Nothing happened.”

“Okay,” I murmured. The rooster passing through the wall saved me from endless boredom. “Look at-at least this time we were drinking coffee in an adult bookstore. Do you want to suck it, or me?”

“I like my coffee black.”

“Ha!” However, her loss, my gain. I rotated on the seat, causing me to confront the cock head-on. It is brown. Indians guess. Decent length. While kissing the soft flesh, I licked my precum, eyes gleaming. “Um…” I said.

“So, does that rooster have a man?” Jordan slouched. “Or McMillen?”

“Oh, I’m pretty sure he is not Scots.” I wrapped my lips around my head, then sucked, peeking at Jordan from the corner of my eye. I like to put a rooster in my mouth. I like the taste, texture and attractive power. I murmured: “Besides, this is more Chekhov’s gun.”

She smiled. “Indeed.” When she watched me make a cock, she was drinking fair-trade Colombian filter coffee, my head swaying back and forth, my lips tightly wrapped around the rod, and my tongue was teasing the sensitive one under my head. Location. “I’m bored.” She suddenly announced, and then clicked her finger like a stage magician.

The cafe door closed suddenly, and two men in white overalls broke in and pushed a trolley. They build up like jumping, their expressions are equally nasty, and they walk straight towards me.

“Huh…?” I said.

One said: “It’s better not to resist.” His voice was like gravel. Two muscular hands grabbed my arm and lifted me. The other two hands started to fall off me. “Damn it!” I screamed.

“Relax,” Jordan said. “This is just a story.”

“It doesn’t feel like a fucking story,” I murmured after losing a fight to keep myself a top spot. My bra quickly followed, and the nursing pad fell to the floor.

Jordan stared at my bruised swollen nipples and opened her eyes wide. “Is that… a bite mark?”

“Happy pregnancy and childbirth. Oh, no!” One person put the trolley in front of me, another pushed me on it, arranged my breasts on it with a pair of suction cups, and then tied me firmly in place. Somewhere below me, a machine full of vitality and suction deformed the breast in the cup. It feels like my nipple is pulled, it is both painful and a strong feeling of pleasure.

This is almost enough to distract me from the men who stripped my skirt and found out that I lacked underwear. They chuckled, and when the heavy hand slapped me, I flinched helplessly in the restraint. A thick, thick finger awkwardly pushed between my thighs, looking for my cat. “Yes, the slut is ready.”

At the same time, Jordan was looking at my idle expression. She stroked a thick cock coming out of the glory hole next to her with one hand. She pointed to the gun I was forced to give up and said: “Cheif’s gun, Ali.” When the two men pushed the cart against the wall, a brown rooster pointed carefully at my cat.

When I was caught between the cart and the wall, a brown rooster was gradually swallowed by my vagina. I once loved it in my mouth. I also like it very much. Its exploratory exploration turned into a savage sprint, and it madly abandoned me. I am nothing but a horny horn to this man. To me, he is just a tough guy. Perfect.

Continue to suck my breasts until the milk comes out. I was relieved and groaned. Jordan smiled. “Isn’t it better than talking?”

“Unlimited.” I agree. “How are we?”

“Fifty more.”

Not enough. I need a hundred. one thousand. I tried to encourage the cock to enter my pussy through the vaginal muscles. “I’m coming, McGeffen!” I cried. Then, he twitched, erupting deeply inward, and his twitching member tickled in my heart.

I laughed. “I hope there is a sequel…”